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Comity’s Domestic USA Termination solutions provide convenient termination to the PSTN, allowing you to serve your customers’ quality demands while controlling costs. We offer a wide variety of termination offerings designed to suit the specific requirements of your pricing objectives and your individual traffic, quality and end-user profiles.

Comity offers Termination products that are specifically designed to support niche traffic classifications. Whether you’re a carrier with certified VoIP-originated traffic and looking to leverage more aggressive rates or an outbound call center with a high proportion of sub-minute duration calls, Comity can help improve your bottom line.

With a wide array of rate plans to fit your specific traffic needs, Comity’s domestic USA termination solutions provide carriers and service providers with a scalable and cost-effective means to send traffic to destinations across the country. Supports the most widely used signaling protocols including PRI, SS7, SIP, CAS, and H323 multiple points of inter-connection for network-wide access rate plans to support local, intrastate, interstate, international, and toll-free rate plans be combined with Dial Access Origination and Local Access Numbers (DIDs) for complete connectivity solutions may be two-way enabled for origination and termination on a single trunk group optimize your costs with value-based long distance rate plans.