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SIP Trunking

Comity's inbound SIP Trunking services allows businesses like contact centers with the ability to receive VoIP calls using SIP, over the existing network infrastructure. It aligns voice with other network services and simplifies what can sometimes be a frustrating experience with respect to dealing with carrier provisioning lead times, inflexibility and exorbitant setup fees and cancellation charges.

Our low cost Inbound SIP Trunking allows businesses to receive calls using SIP, over existing network infrastructure

  • No Minimum Terms
  • Pay Per Use Model - Allows you great control on the number of channels used
  • Turn-up can occur in as little as 1 hour or less, compared to weeks or months for traditional PRI's
  • Access to DID from across the country
  • Ability to increase up to 1,000's of channels within one business day

Eliminate the high costs associated wit inbound Toll-Free services and Switch to using inbound SIP DDID's from Comity Communications. Advantagesinclude: quick network setup, calls go through faster and callers feel they are connecting to a live person rather than a machine.