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Services that have enabled the world’s best carriers and service providers to get a competitive edge and keep it. Comity earns your business by empowering you with the services you need – fast. We keep your business by providing unprecedented customer service that’ll have you wondering why you ever trusted your business with anyone else.

Comity’s origination service provides customers with access to local telephone numbers many states in the United States. Comity aggregates incoming local calls from multiple rate centers across multiple LATAs into a single point of access.

Comity can give you and you subscribers reliable access to your voice services, through large scale deployment, proven methods, and quality for piece of mind.

With simple connectivity options and competitive pricing, Comity’s local Origination (DiD) solution offers you access to local telephone numbers across our footprint.


Extensive local DID coverage
Direct Inbound local calling
Local Number Portability (LNP)
Multiple options for connection to the network
Flexible pricing options – unmetered ports
Multiple Interconnect Options:


Comity’s local origination solution is flexible, reliable and cost-effective, providing customers with access to local telephone numbers resulting in:

Fast and economical time-to-market
Access to more local phone numbers
Local connectivity to all telephony and data applications